“These are unprecedented times” – four words I know we’ve all heard during this pandemic. I am positive we will ride this out, however rough it may be. The one thing we all currently have in common is the fact that we are all staying at home. Staying in the same space with the same set of people and not engaging in any sort of productive or fun activity is not anyone’s definition of a good time.
In the past month, since the Lockdown began in the USA, I have been finding ways to stay productive and preserve my sanity (what’s left of it anyway). I decided to share some of those with everyone.


While some people may not like their jobs, I enjoy doing what I do for work. I try my best to maintain a schedule for work every day. I wake up early, do some exercise, take a shower and get on with phone calls that last almost the whole work time. In case you don’t currently have a remote work opportunity, I would suggest learning a new skill, YouTube, Udemy and Coursera are good resources, you can also check out my posts on Virtual Assistants.


No, don’t break the law and go running around, but staying cooped up in the house all day is not a great idea for anyone, even the lockdown order makes provision for going outside for a run, or a walk depending on what works for you (Just stay safe and avoid touching things). I try my best to go outside at least once a day, sometimes I just drive around, other times I walk to check the mail and go back home, just to get out of the house and also to get a fresh perspective on whatever I am currently thinking about.


Before the lockdown started, I had started Calisthenics; which is a form of exercise that targets large muscle groups, and usually involves little to no equipment, I start my day with some form of Calisthenics which takes me roughly 20-30 minutes then I head to the shower. Sometimes I work out twice a day, I guess it depends on how busy I am or how I am feeling that day, you should definite look into it, you won’t regret it.


This lockdown brought on a lot of home chores and work; I have tried my best to do them while still having fun and creating time to relax and play.
I have adopted using music and podcasts to get through chores, I have also been trying unsuccessfully to finish some TV series (Prison Break and The Apprentice UK). Hopefully, I get some time off in the coming week as I will be moving soon.


This period has been great for catching up with family and friends, I spent 3 weeks with my girlfriend and her mom at home before work pulled me back to Illinois, I have also had more time to check on old friends and connect with my family more. I am happy with the frequency of the daily WhatsApp video calls with my family, especially my mom, she’s hilarious.

This is an unusual period for everyone, we are all trying to stay safe at home and stay sane in the process. I hope my schedule can help you. What are you doing to stay positive and happy this period? leave some comments down below.


  1. Great write. Nice read. I think the routine is basically the same for everyone, except those battling with the virus in isolation centers or hospitals. Not many people were used to staying home most of the day. And yes, to them, it’s getting as disruptive as never. But we adapt. That’s what makes us human. Thanks for this wonderful write-up, David.

    1. Oh my gosh🤓
      The routine is pretty much the same for me except the “Calisthenics” part, a lady shouldn’t be building large muscles.
      Amazing write-up, #staysafedavid 👍

  2. Ayomide Adediji says: Reply

    Thank you for sharing your daily routine with us. On my part, I’ve been lazy. I might pick up the walk or run thing soon. I like the fact that connecting with family and loved ones are part of the daily routine. We are all that we need to survive. Well done David. Please be safe

    1. Very interesting and insightful write-up

  3. Yusuf Olamide says: Reply

    Nice writeup..
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Loved reading this! Especially the part about spending time with your girlfriend, she sounds great!

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